Services we are offering :

- Draping -


The first step once we receive your sketch, and specs inputs is to create a first draping on the form. Our skilled pattern-makers will, at this point, bring your idea to 3D.

- Pattern Making -

Pattern Making

Once the volume is right, the drapping will be transcripted into paper by our most experienced pattern-makers in order to cut muslins and future samples in the material of your choice.

- Sample Making -

Sample Making

Our experts behind the sewing machines will assemble your muslins and final samples. They operate in close collaboration with the pattern-makers in order to give life to your garment, optimizing efficiency.

- Grading -

Once in production phase, we digitalize your patterns and develop the sizes you need, as well as its corresponding markers optimizing each yield to the width of your final fabrics; using the most advanced CADing systems, applying your own grading rules.

- Labels & Tags -

Labels / Tags
According to your Logo, we develop and produce all your needed woven-labels, size-labels, content-labels, care-labels, barcode-stickers, hang-tags, price-tickets and labelled polybags.

- Design & Product Development -

Design / Product Development
Our talented product development team can also provide you with all the steps leading to your best designs according to your targeted customer: trend scouting, flat sketching, fabric sourcing, Tech Packs and cost sheets.