About us:

At Fine Line Nyc, we are dedicated to our customers and their success !
We are a computer pattern service company with more than 25 years of experience and broad industrial knowledge, providing and leading fashion industry.

We are also specialized in sample and production service all in a full one-stop package.

Our Staff possess the ability and reputation in producing garments that range anywhere from women’s wear (missy, contemporary, junior, big size) to men’s wear, junior wear, uniforms, pet wear, garments for celebrities, boutique and designer wear.

We, at Fine Line Nyc, combine the most suitable computer system and broad computer data library for garment production, allowing for rapid turnaround, mass production, and the ability in creating perfect fits.

Plus, we possess the know-how to minimize cost and time. Through our expertise, we support our customers so that they can calmly proceed with pre-productions and productions.

At Fine Line Nyc, we take pride of the high end quality of our service.

Your success is our success !